Business understanding

dedicated risk experts

At NetGuardians, we know the issues that face businesses when it comes to beating fraud, meeting compliance and managing risk because we have experience of them first hand. Our developers, strategists, and risk experts have worked in banking, financial services and risk consultancies in risk mitigation before joining NetGuardians. The result: we build software that addresses the real issues and provides real solutions.

continously updated controls library

Experience has taught us that risk management and mitigation is a moving target so we have made our software flexible and easily adapted. Our continuously updated controls library addresses all the latest banking fraud cases and can be accessed for free. Similarly, our dedicated risk experts keep abreast of all proposed and planned compliance changes to ensure our solutions help you meet all the required regulations today and tomorrow.

recognized partners

When it comes to implementation and advice, we also have the benefit of working with industry’s best and all our partners are trained and certified by the NG|Academy. Our partners include Temenos, which features NetGuardians on its MarketPlace of approved FinTech solutions, SOFGEN, Swisscom, Inlaks, and EY Singapore.

Innovative approach to fraud detection

Institutions remain reactive to fraud, using two Cs – catch and control – to spot it after the event and prevent recurrence. They use reviews to catch instances that have already occurred and controls to try to prevent future events. Given that the stolen sums are rarely recovered and the fraudsters even less rarely apprehended, a reactive response is clearly not working. What is needed is proactive action against fraud.

NetGuardians has identified four additional, discrete points where fraud can be detected and the perpetrator caught – making a total of 6Cs.

The key to not only catching more fraudulent acts, but stopping them from occurring is to understand how the fraudster thinks and operates. By converting this knowledge into policy rules and predictive analytics, smart behavior-analysis technology can be used to correlate actions from across the entire information system. Tracking and real-time notifications about unusual behavior at any time anywhere within the banking system enable organizations to step in at any of the six stages to mitigate and prevent fraud.

Traditional approach


Only reacts in the final two steps of a crime long after the event.

Catch - when investigations and reviews uncover the fraud long after the event

Control - when the financial institutions implement internal control measures after the act to prevent future events.

NetGuardians approach


Detects hits already while the fraudster is preparing the crime.

Case – when the case for committing fraud is being built and the circumstances are being researched by the prospective fraudster. These include making inquiries about passwords, looking at dormant accounts and access levels, performing small-scale run-throughs etc

Commit – when the fraudsters embark on the fraud. Stealing an ID, passwords, sim switching etc

Conceal – when the fraudsters are trying to cover their tracks

Convert – when the fraudster converts the crime into usable benefits such as withdrawing money from an ATM or transferring sums to nefarious accounts



Continuous Monitoring & Control Digitalization

What do restaurant reviews, election polls and fraud prevention all have in common? They use sampling to predict outcomes and/or prevent bad decisions.

Sampling is fine when the downside of getting it wrong is erroneous poll results or a worse-than-expected meal, but fraud costs some $3.7 trillion a year which shows sampling is clearly unsuitable in the fight against fraudsters.

Proactive data monitoring is associated with 54% lower losses and frauds detected in half time (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners).




Like a Swiss clockwork

At NetGuardians we monitor the whole of an organization’s IT system to detect suspicious activity and prevent fraud. Like Swiss clockwork, our controls operate continuously without affecting system performance.



Big Data technology

Our technology is backed by NG|Screener, an enterprise risk platform that uses big data and predictive analytics to combine and standardize data from across the entire banking system. Specific frauds – mobile, SWIFT, ebanking, account takeover, and ID theft, for example - can be addressed by automated controls, working in real time 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



Seamless integration

NetGuardians' enterprise risk platform comes out-of-the-box to integrate easily with any core banking platform including Temenos, Oracle, Flexcube, Finnova and Avaloq, while new controls are easily added to address changing fraud patterns and requirements.


User Experience

It’s hard enough to spot fraud without making the anti-fraud technology difficult to use as well. NetGuardians’ philosophy is clear: to make our software as simple and intuitive as possible.


Integrated Case Manager

Our NG|Screener 6.0 is the only enterprise risk platform that consolidates real-time user behavior and financial transaction monitoring and displays the data in easy-to-read dashboards with real-time alerts and red flags. A case manager provides automated reports on a scheduled basis, and all documentation is integrated into the enterprise software platform. That’s three lines of defense.


Intuitive KRI Dashboard

The dashboards present all the information a user needs and real-time push notifications alert risk managers to suspicious activity. Full drill down investigation capabilities across the entire banking system including transactions, channel and IT layers mean users can check alerts against activity immediately and either block or authorize an activity or transaction. Integrated documentation makes investigation fast and thorough.


see our solution in action


The Science:
User Behavior Analytics and Profiling

People are creatures of habit. They shop in the same shops, pay the same bills, use the same browser, spend similar sums. So when something happens out of character it should be easy to spot.


risk modelling

NetGuardians’ technology focuses on risk modelling and pattern recognition. It uses dynamic profiling and pattern based intelligence to look at behavior over time to build up a 360-degree view of both customers and front- and back-office staff. It spots out-of-character behavior as it is happening, raising alerts that can be investigated before any fraud is committed.


Combining business & transaction variables

Big Data technology follows activity across an entire IT system. It can look at user, transaction type, device, amount, location, currency, language and counter-party, correlate the information with the 360 degree profile which includes staff holiday requests and sickness absences, to give each activity a risk score in real time. High risk scores automatically triggers alerts, which are investigated, tracked, and managed all through one platform.


machine learning

A two-stage analytics process - predictive and machine learning - allows the solution to improve over time. The more knowledge it has, the fewer false positives it raises, saving resources and ensuring the best possible customer experience.