Who is it for

Institution type

FraudGuardian is for any financial institution with a need to detect internal fraud and continuously audit operations.

Risk Managers

Responsible for managing and reporting on operational risk related to business operations and technology.

Security Administrators

Responsible for supervising security benefits of continuous auditing and global correlation to mitigate internal fraud.

Internal or IT Auditor 

Responsible for third-line defense and data integrity.

Leveraging your business

Agile & easy to customize

Adapting to your strategy

We recognize that each institution has different policy standards to support their competitive advantage. FraudGuardian easily plugs into any rules set and adapts to risk policies.

Adapting to your environment

Have a specific GRC tool to integrate into? Using particular incident management software? No problem. We can configure the required plugins or develop the services needed so FraudGuardian works best for you.