New NetGuardians - Abris partnership proving fruitful

A new partnership between NetGuardians and Abris is helping more financial institutions gain better access to innovative solutions to today’s – and tomorrow’s – challenges including fraud, risk assurance and regulatory compliance.

Abris, who became partners with NetGuardians in September 2014, offers tailored products and services for the finance industry. NetGuardians’s leading-edge fraud mitigation and risk assurance solutions are attracting more and more banks around the world for their agility and robustness.

The Abris-NetGuardians partnership has already helped facilitate contact between NetGuardians and a new Middle East client. Based in Egypt, this bank was impressed with the unique ability of NetGuardians solutions to evolve continually to meet ever-changing fraud patterns.

“The Abris-NetGuardians strategic partnership came out of our mutual desire to offer clients the most innovative technology solutions,” says NetGuardians COO Raffael Maio. “We are very pleased to already see evidence that this will be a fruitful partnership.”