2015 heralding an evolution in NetGuardians' solutions to client needs

The times they are a-changin' for NetGuardians in 2015.

As a Swiss company that has brought innovative and robust risk mitigation software to ever more widespread markets since 2007, NetGuardians has always kept their ear tuned to client interests. In 2015, those clients are increasingly looking for a needs-based approach to meeting their risk-management challenges.

"We've always taken a client-centric approach, but the idea for 2015 is to bring ourselves even closer to them by showing how our solutions help address specific needs or meet particular regulations," explains NetGuardians CEO Joël Winteregg. "This evolution reflects changes on the client-needs side, especially in terms of new, stricter regulatory requirements. It also stems from changes in our own structure: with our second round of financing, we are, for example, further investing in R&D based on end-user needs. We are also growing our sales force and bringing on board IT risk consultants who work closely with clients to ensure we are even better in touch."

First indicator of the new approach is the development of infographics presenting how NetGuardians solutions meet the needs of specific users: compliance, risk management, IT administration, IT security, and internal audit. "We’ve developed messages that hone straight in on the precise needs of each of these groups, so they can see right away what our solutions can do for them."

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