Fraud Detection and Prevention - cocktail & dinner event in Colombo, Sri-Lanka

As technology moves faster, banks are experiencing more frequent serious threats from internal and external fraud. Banks' best ally to fight high-tech fraud? Superior technology. Sri Lankan banking executives will have the unique opportunity to find out more at an exclusive cocktail and dinner event, followed by a press conference, to be held at the Kingsbury Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka on January 28th.

NetGuardians and SOFGEN will jointly host this event, with presentations by Raffael Maio, NetGuardians COO and Co-founder, and Ralph Chicktong, SOFGEN Director Business Development APAC. The two companies have recently partnered to bring NetGuardians' specialized software solution, NG|Screener, to more banks around the world. They will share their experience of how to implement optimal risk management and fraud protection.

NG|Screener is a powerful tool in this: integrating seamlessly into core banking software platforms, it offers banks real-time monitoring of all business lines and IT operations using behavioral analysis to identify and alert suspicious activity.

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