Humans – the real IT risk: NetGuardians’ Alex Mathenge at the East African Information Security Conference

Are humans the real source of IT risk? This was the question that NetGuardians’ Alex Mathenge brought to the East African Information Security Conference, hosted by ISACA, August 20-21 in Kampala, Uganda.

Mathenge, Country Manager based in Nairobi, Kenya, represented NetGuardians and Fintech group as a speaker at the event.

ISACA is a worldwide association of IS professionals focused on assurance, security, and governance. The Kampala chapter organizes events to promote the visibility of the IS audit, control and security profession regionally.

Mathenge explained how the numerous points at which people access IT systems are in fact the weak points, leading to both intentional information theft and unintended leaks. The subject is extremely relevant in Africa, where fraud is a major concern for banks and businesses. NetGuardians’ expertise in the matter is a key reason why the company is building such a strong presence in Africa. The company offers clients robust software solutions for proactive internal control.