Switzerland’s role in cyber security at InnovaudConnect@APPSEC

What is Switzerland’s role in cyber security? This is the question that InnovaudConnect@APPSEC will address on November 5, 2014. NetGuardianswill be one of the four specially-selected small businesses presenting.

“Large infrastructures such as governments as well as energy, telecom, and healthcare providers face pressing challenges in terms of cyber security,” explains NeGuardians COO Raffael Maio. “The price of being unprotected is extremely high. Fortunately, Western Switzerland has a rich concentration of innovative small businesses with expertise in cyber security, including NetGuardians.”

InnovaudConnect@APPSEC brings leaders from critical public and private infrastructures face to face with start-ups and small businesses that offer cyber security solutions. Romande Energie, CISO and Swissquote will present their current challenges and needs, while NetGuardians, Sysmosoft, Crossing Tech, and Graspeo will respond with presentations on their know-how, technology and solutions.

Hosted by Rodolphe Koller, Editor-in-Chief of ICT Journal, InnovaudConnect@APPSEC also features a keynote address by Pascal Junod, cryptography specialist at HEIG-VD, along with a roundtable and networking.

The event is organized jointly by Alp ICT, Innovaud and Y-PARC, and is being held within the framework of the Application Security Forum Western Switzerland (AppSec), which will take place at Y-PARC, November 4-6, 2014.

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