NetGuardians’ Alex Mathenge delivers message on human risk at the 2nd Ethiopia Banking & ICT Summit 2014

To target the real risk for IT banking systems, you need to look beyond the machines and to the human, according to Alex Mathenge, NetGuardians Regional Manager based in Nairobi, Kenya. Mathenge most recently delivered this message November 21st at the 2nd Ethiopia Banking & ICT Summit 2014.

The summit was aimed at highlighting key investment opportunities, particularly in the banking and ICT sectors, and providing insights to help promote industrial growth, international trade and global integration for sub-Saharan Africa as a whole.

Drawing upon his 20 years in IT and expertise in current fraud trends in the region, Mathenge presented the case for implementing better internal control by targeting the numerous points at which people access IT systems. Using real-life examples, he demonstrated how, with millions of transactions taking place daily, any one could be the source of intentional information theft or unintended leaks.

NetGuardians helps companies and banks implement proactive internal control and risk mitigation with NG|Screener software solutions. The leading-edge software monitors all business lines and IT operations in real time, using intelligent behavioral analysis.