NetGuardians among the 50 Swiss start-ups to invest in

NetGuardians is among the "50 Swiss start-ups to invest in," according to Bilan magazine. Reviewing Swiss start-ups currently in a financing phase, the economy-watching magazine asked a 6-person expert jury to identify those that promise ROI and competitiveness on the global front.

NetGuardians, as noted by the magazine, is already financially stable but is now seeking 5 million francs to expand its offering. The company's NG|Screener intelligent behavioral analysis software monitors business and IT operations in real-time, protecting against fraud and other threats. The technology already comes pre-packaged to integrate into key banking platforms, notably Temenos (T24) and Olympic, and NetGuardians now aims to offer the same convenience for other banking platforms.

"Our customer base is solid and growing," says NetGuardians COO Raffael Maio. "We are committed to staying at the forefront technologically and continuing to meet our customers’ needs through further investment in R&D and strong strategic partnerships."

And for investors, what sets NetGuardians apart? "We offer the dynamism of a start-up based on cutting-edge, critical technology, yet at the same time we bring a proven track record," says Maio. "That's certainly a key attraction for investors."