NetGuardians and SOFGEN anti-fraud bankers’ breakfast forum in Nairobi

Expertise in anti-fraud alongside eggs and coffee. That’s what’s being served at a high-profile breakfast event in Nairobi, hosted by NetGuardians and their partner SOFGEN on November 28. Banks on the African continent have been experiencing an increase in incidences of fraud in recent years – so effective protection is critical. To help banks meet this challenge, NetGuardians and SOFGEN have joined forces to introduce NG|Screener, NetGuardians’ cost-effective auditing and internal fraud monitoring solution that enables proactive real-time control of core banking and related system security.

Following a welcome address from the Swiss Ambassador, the program includes presentations from a variety of key representatives from the African banking industry. NetGuardians and SOFGEN will share their expertise and answer questions about fraud protection for the banking industry. The event will be capped with a press conference focused on the NetGuardians-SOFGEN partnership.