NetGuardians sponsors 2014 Swiss national conference on internal audit

NetGuardians is among the sponsors of this year's Swiss national conference on internal audit, to take place May 7th and 8th in Interlaken. Titled "Internal Auditing: Interaction, Limits, Perspectives", the conference is hosted by the Institute of Internal Auditing Switzerland (IIAS), a professional association of internal auditors in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The IIAS promotes professional practice and development, and upholds internal auditing as part of good corporate governance. The conference will cover a range of timely topics for internal auditing, including fraud, corruption, prevention and surveillance, trends and developments, issues of transparency for not-for-profit foundations, and professional stress.
"A key feature of our NG|Screener software solution is its capacity to support internal auditing by continuously preparing critical information for on-demand or regular reporting," says NetGuardians CEO Joël Winteregg. "This conference was a natural fit for us."