NG|Screener 5.0.0 is here!

NetGuardians has released NG|Screener 5.0.0 – the most user-centric version of NG|Screener ever. This new version has been designed to target the specific needs of five key users: compliance, risk management, IT administration, IT security and internal audit.

Based on Big Data technologies, NG|Screener 5.0.0 offers numerous enhancements and new features. An intuitive control dashboard gives easy access to all control results and direct forensic investigation, while new connectors for data capture on various systems enable cross-channel analyses. A key new feature is the SQL Tracking System, called NG|STS, which rounds out NG|Screener’s audit and compliance capabilities. Allowing access without requiring that audit capabilities be enabled on the target database, it offers extremely detailed capture of all administrator database activities.

“Ongoing investment in R&D is a key part of NetGuardians’ approach,” says Jérôme Kehrli, R&D Manager. “The challenges in terms of business and IT risks, as well as in terms of compliance requirements, are constantly and rapidly evolving. To precisely respond to our clients’ needs, it is critical that we continue to bring out ever-more performant solutions like NG|Screener 5.0.0.”