Staying one step ahead: NetGuardians confirms its commitment in FER magazine

As summer is upon us, more evidence emerges that NetGuardians is fulfilling its "New Year’s resolution" to ensure its technology stays continually at the forefront and responsive to customers’ evolving needs.

In the July 11th edition of FER magazine of the Fédération des Entreprises Romandes, CEO Joël Winteregg explains that for NetGuardians, being agile and staying one step ahead is simply the best way to maintain its strong position in a competitive niche market.

The company has, over seven years, built a solid reputation for providing robust software solutions to protect against banking fraud and information leaks. Clients count on NetGuardians to continue to offer this through ongoing R&D. “There’s no better protection or better kept secret than to understand the needs of the market and respond effectively by adapting on a daily basis,” observes Joël. “Just like anti-virus software is regularly updated, our ‘library of fraud detection’ is constantly added to.”

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