Temenos Community Forum 2014 - meet NetGuardians and learn how to mitigate risk

Visit NetGuardians during the 2014 TCF in Rome (SOFGEN stand) and discover how our NG|Screener software solution for T24 effectively mitigates internal fraud, data leakage and operational risk. Using cross-channel/cross product intelligent behavioral analysis, it continuously audits IT and business activities, monitoring all systems from the operating system to the application layer.

The conference theme is "Succeeding through the digital revolution" - and NG|Screener is your critical solution to stay ahead of digital risks. Find out why!

What: Temenos Community Forum, Succeeding through the digital revolution
Who to Meet: NetGuardians, developers of NG|Screener for T24
When: May 20-22, 2014
Where: Rome Marriott Park Hotel, SOFGEN stand