Zenith Bank UK selects NetGuardians’ Solution

NetGuardians’ NG|Screener for T24 has been selected by Zenith Bank UK. With its breadth and depth of coverage, NG|Screener provides the bank with a solid base for current and future security needs. The risk of fraud at Zenith Bank UK has been decreased across the board and managers have far easier access to far greater and more useful information, in the formats and frequency that most suits them.

Zenith Bank UK initially sought a solution to monitor user activity in its IT operations, but when they found NG|Screener, they realized they had an easy-to-implement solution for much more. "It provided lots of benefits, not just the initial IT need but also for internal audit and risk monitoring," says Paul Greensted, head of IT at Zenith Bank UK. "Our security committee accepted that it was a system that we really had to put in."

Learn more about Zenith Bank UK’s experience by downloading the case study !