Kenyan banks reach out to NetGuardians' anti-fraud solution

As Kenya is hit by several high profile fraud cases, NetGuardians' anti-fraud solution gains attention in the country.

"Kenyan banks are reaching out to global data security firms to protect their IT systems in the face of rising cases on internal financial fraud. The Central Bank has already ordered a probe on banks' IT systems...The Kenya Commercial Bank, NIC, and CBA, are however, working with NetGuardians, a Swiss based firm to enhance their data security. NetGuardians' software identifies fraud before it happens by tracking and auditing all activities and sending alerts of any deviations", writes Daily Nation (December 24, 2015).

The Star writes: "The solution is a smart behavioral analysis software based on policy rules and predictive analysis, and can correlate human behavior and financial transactions across an entire banking system" (December 23, 2015).

The Star, 23rd December 2015

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