NetGuardians at the NDC & Temenos FinTech Forum in Pakistan

NetGuardians' two partners National Data Consultant (NDC) and Temenos Group AG jointly hosted FinTech Forum 2016 in Karachi, for the banking community in Pakistan. The main theme of this User Group was: Digitization & Blockchain - The Next Disruptive Innovation.

The full day annual event was designed to create an engaging dialogue between banking customers and industry professionals. It also served as a platform for initiating, developing and strengthening business relationships among resourceful enterprises and banking institutions. Speakers and expert panel-members engaged the participants throughout the presentations and brought forward the important topics that are top of mind for banking IT.

Matthew Reddington of NetGuardians presented the "A-Z of Banking Fraud Mitigation". He highlighted the importance of proactive data monitoring and explained how NetGuardians' Big Data driven software platform helps banks prevent fraud and automate regulatory compliance.