Preventing Insider Threats at Financial Institutions, 25 October 2016

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Preventing Insider Threats at Financial Institutions

This webinar took place on 25 October 2016. You can watch the recording below.

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about this webinar

Internal fraud is the most common way for banks to suffer losses. In 2014, banking fraud cost an estimated $67 billion. 70% of this was internal. In September 2016, an American bank was slapped with $185 million banking fine due to an internal fraud case, not to mention the more damaging reputation costs.

Internal fraud can take place at any level of organization. Roles with a high degree of access to IT systems, such as database administrators, pose a greater risk. Many cases of internal fraud involve collusion between at least two individuals in order to circumvent the bank’s controls.

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  • Internal fraud use cases
  • How to detect and prevent complex internal fraud schemes
  • Continuous user behavior monitoring
  • Solution examples in real-life

Date: 25 October 2016
Time: 11:00AM Europe Summer Time (GMT+2)
30 minutes presentation + 15 minutes Q&A

John Kiptum

NetGuardians Risk Consultant