Webinar - How to Prevent Internal Fraud at Financial Institutions? 26 January 2017

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How to Prevent Internal Fraud at Financial Institutions? 26 January 2017, 10:00AM CET


About this webinar

Internal fraud can take place at any level of organization. Fraud costs $3.7 trillion each year and nearly 75 % of the banking fraud is internal (ACFE, 2016). Even if a bank successfully wards of attackers, there is always the risk of insiders abusing the precious information they hold.

Have you implemented a successful risk mitigation strategy that prevents internal fraud from happening and protects your customers’ data?

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The year 2016 set a record for data breaches. The thousands of Wells Fargo employees accessing the bank’s systems to obtain personally identifiable customer information are just an example (American Banker, January 2017).

Human risk. High risk. Banks need to opt in a holistic strategy and continuously analyze and make sense of not only financial transactions but also user behaviors.

Register for this webinar to learn first-hand from the industry expert Shabirin Binhan:

  • Recent internal fraud cases & emerging trends
  • How to prevent even the most complex fraud types such as employee collusion and data breach?
  • Solution examples in real-life.

Duration:  45 minutes with several Q&A sessions throughout the presentation.


Shabirin Binhan
NetGuardians Risk Consultant