Webinar - Using Behavior Analytics to Fight Banking Fraud, 29 June 2017

NG Webinar Series

Using Behavior Analytics to Fight Banking Fraud

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About this webinar

Fraudsters are smart. Banks need to be smarter. What you need is a fraud solution that monitors fraudsters’ behaviors across the entire banking system and proactively detects fraud in real-time.

Gartner states that using behavior analytics improves alert management by reducing the number of alerts and prioritizing important ones. It also allows to rapidly identify the fraudsters and reduces the time to investigate alerts (Gartner, March 2015).

Key takeaways from this webinar are:

• New technologies, increased digitization, and connectivity have increased the vulnerability of the banks.
• Vital to use behavioral analytics and Big Data to proactively detect unusual banking activities at an individual level (customer or employee).
• Machine learning to improve the model and reduce false positives.
• Minimize manual interventions to improve simplification and maximize automation.


John Kiptum
NetGuardians Risk Consultant