Webinar - Applying machine learning in the fight against money laundering, 22 February 2018

NG Webinar Series

Applying machine learning in the fight against money laundering

About this webinar

Increasing regulatory pressures regarding the efficiency of AML environment and the increasing fines present new challenges for financial institutions. Only in the beginning of 2018, banks were fined up to 70 million USD.

In terms of operational efficiency, banks spend an enormous amount of time dealing with false positives in order to report the suspicious AML activities.

Recent advancements in transaction monitoring and machine learning technology not only enable banks to detect suspicious money laundering activities in a timely manner but also significantly reduce false positives.

This webinar covers:

- Latest challenges and requirements in AML
- How do rules, dynamic profiling and machine learning work together to fight money laundering?
- Use cases detected by machine learning
- Benefits of using machine learning technology for AML

30 minutes presentation + 15 minutes Q&A


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Julien Loisy
Risk Consultant Manager