Temenos Innovation Jam Dublin, 6 March 2018

NetGuardians is selected for Temenos Innovation Jam in Dublin.

The event will showcase the most advanced and innovative solutions available to financial institutions. It will take place at Bank of Ireland's Innovation Lab.

Regional Sales Director Matthew Reddington will showcase how NetGuardians' solution helps banks to prevent banking fraud in real-time.

Join us at this event in Dublin to meet the most exciting FinTech companies, industry experts, Temenos and its partners.

Presentation synopsis

NetGuardians’ enterprise fraud risk platform combines Big Data technology with advanced user behavior analytics and machine learning to effectively detect and prevent fraudulent eBanking transactions in real-time. The demo will start from the moment a transaction has been scored as high risk and held for investigation. It will show the case manager where the investigator sees the hit. Then, it will show why the transaction was scored as high risk and look at the behavior of the new transaction versus the customers historical activity.

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