A to Z of Internal Banking Fraud

eBook: A to Z of Internal Banking Fraud

It is no exaggeration to say that the greatest fraud risk that banks face walks through their doors every morning and sits down to work.

Frauds carried out by bank employees are a huge global problem. Recent research puts the cost of banking fraud at around $70bn a year – and cases involving bank insiders account for about 70 percent of that total.

Profile of an internal fraudster

Profile of an internal fraudster

Therefore, we have compiled a comprehensive eBook that highlights the scale of this problem and the different vulnerabilities that internal fraudsters exploit, and explains how advanced anti-fraud technologies can combat it.

Bank employees are uniquely well placed to discover and take advantage of weaknesses in their organization’s internal controls – perhaps by abusing their level of access to the bank’s IT systems or by targeting dormant accounts.

But FinTech anti-fraud solutions are improving all the time – their ability to identify and block suspicious activity in real time is becoming the first line of defense against the biggest fraud risk in banking.

You can now get your free copy to learn the A-Z of Internal Banking Fraud.

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