Using Big Data and Predictive Analytics in Fraud Prevention

Considering the challenges of regulatory compliance by financial institutions, using Big Data is hardly optional today. However, do you know what to do with the "Big" Data you have?

This webinar took place on 14 April 2016. You may watch the recording below.

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Many Big Data innovation projects have failed in the past as the complexity to extract and normalize data was underestimated. Without a well-thought model, the data is meaningless.

With this webinar, you will learn first-hand from the Big Data and analytics expert Jérôme Kehrli:

  Jérôme Kehrli , Head of R&D at NetGuardians

Jérôme Kehrli, Head of R&D at NetGuardians

  • The roadmap check-list: How to implement a Big Data driven fraud prevention strategy and maximize its power.
  • The latest fraud use cases that Big Data addresses.
  • Advanced predictive analytics technologies to detect the most complex fraud patterns.

30 minutes presentation + 15 minutes Q&A session