What is RiskGuardian

An integrated solution

Core solution

Our patent-pending core solution comes out of the box so policy adherence is easy and compliance is ensured.

  • Core banking application specific implementation
  • Multi-layer and multi-channel capacity with connector sets for any operational environment (operating systems, databases, authentication/single sign on solutions, webservers, etc.)
  • Rich library of control objectives
  • Big data for predictive analytics
  • Visualization interface

Intelligence updates

You need to continually adapt to new operational regulations and quality standards, and to new fraud patterns. That’s why we have a dedicated team to develop controls. Subscribe to our intelligence updates service to easily add new control objectives into your solution and keep constantly up to date.

How RiskGuardian makes it easy

Regulations templates with baseline controls

A single click. That’s all it takes to implement operational controls with RiskGuardian's bundled baseline controls. They're designed by our team of experts based on analysis of key regulatory standards. Control bundles also include a visual map that shows the degree of coverage of each regulatory statement for easy reporting.

Automated controls & updates

The RiskGuardian library of controls helps you stay afloat in a constantly changing world. It stays up to date because we keep on top of the regulatory environment. Our subscription service – it works much like the automatic updates to your antivirus software – ensures you always have the right controls to meet the latest regulatory changes. 

Visualization, reporting & continuous auditing

See your risk at a glance  – from the user input to the transaction. Since you see what's going on before it reaches the transaction level, RiskGuardian can actually help you prevent fraud. Real-time continuous auditing automatically alerts to suspicious activity. Powerful reporting templates enable you to produce custom comparison reports for your executives, board or regulators. 


Risk management

Alerts and easy reporting of deviations to set policies.

Automated controls

Automated continuous controls facilitate audit and regulatory reporting.

Time Efficient

Automated framework saves 60% of your time spent on reporting.

IMPLEMENT 80% faster

Allows you to implement new operational regulation and standards in up to 80% less time.

Responsive IT compliance

Up-to-date templates in line with new regulations.

Regulation basis

Templates translate different regulations and operational standards into baseline controls.

Holistic Approach

Data is one place, in the same format and cross-referenced.

TailorEd for banks

Built to fit the specific parameters of key core banking applications from Temenos T24 to FlexCube.

Why is risk assurance so tricky?

Apply, monitor regulations & policies automatically

A lot of time can be spent deciphering IT regulations and turning them into actionable policies to support IT compliance. Monitoring to ensure those policies are properly implemented can be an overwhelming task. In this era of ever-stricter regulations, non-compliance is not an option.

Ever-evolving regulatory landscape

Compliance officers have to keep a constant watch on what’s happening in the world of IT regulation, but end up spending an estimated 60% of their time simply proving to their different regulators that their bank is compliant.

Managing human risk exposure

Can you show – at any moment – who in your organization is exposed to what kind of risk, and if this is an acceptable level of risk? Can you identify and respond to deviations that may expose you to unacceptable issues? Meeting these challenges to managing human risk exposure is critical.

1/3 of banks consider regulatory, reputational and operational risk their #1 concern

Who is it for

Institution type

RiskGuardian is for any financial institution with a need to control operational risks related to human behavior.

Risk Managers

Responsible for managing and reporting on operational risk related to business operations and technology.

Internal Auditor

Responsible for third-line defense.

Compliance officer

Responsible for ensuring compliance with all relevant operational regulatory requirements.

Leveraging your business

Agile & easy to customize

Adapting to your strategy

We recognize that each institution has different policy standards to support their competitive advantage. RiskGuardian offers parameters to fine-tune all controls to your own risk appetite, policies and standards. 

Adapting to your environment

Have a specific GRC tool to integrate into? Using particular incident management software? No problem. We can configure the required plugins or develop the services needed so FraudGuardian works best for you.