Why is risk assurance so tricky?

Apply, monitor regulations & policies automatically

A lot of time can be spent deciphering regulations and turning them into actionable policies to support compliance. Monitoring to ensure those policies are properly implemented can be an overwhelming task. In this era of ever-stricter regulations, non-compliance is not an option.

Ever-evolving regulatory landscape

Compliance officers have to keep a constant watch on what’s happening in the world of regulation, but end up spending an estimated 60% of their time simply proving to their different regulators that their bank is compliant.

Managing human risk exposure

Can you show – at any moment – who in your organization is exposed to what kind of risk, and if this is an acceptable level of risk? Can you identify and respond to deviations that may expose you to unacceptable issues? Meeting these challenges to managing human risk exposure is critical.

1/3 of banks consider regulatory, reputational and operational risk their #1 concern