A software platform that reads the mind of a fraudster like no other.

Internal fraud

external fraud

Machine learning technology built for banks to beat fraud in real-time

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Our platform is built upon dynamic profiling, machine learning, and pattern-based intelligence to help banks efficiently manage fraud. This innovative approach is proven to significantly reduce the false positive rate, fraud investigation time, and fraud losses while unlocking new fraud types that were not detected before.

Reduction in the number of false positives

Time saved in fraud investigation

Fraud detection rate

As featureD in:

Customer success story - Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

Ethiopia's largest commercial bank explains why they chose NetGuardians' risk platform and how the solution has helped them to prevent fraud and protect their customers.

Why Piguet Galland Bank Loves NetGuardians

Bank's COO Michèle Luyet: "The solution enabled us to increase the efficiency of our controls and digitize controls documentation".

Get the Big Power of Big Data by NetGuardians' Head of R&D

"Employing Big Data technology for fraud prevention may take up to two years. We do it within a few weeks," explains Jerome Kehrli.

Fraud Prevention Service by Swisscom and NetGuardians

Swisscom's Bernard Hofmann describes Fraud Prevention Service - an innovative service helping banks to beat cyber fraud.



Fraud Prevention Service (FPS)

You can now access NetGuardians' unique anti-fraud technology also with the benefits of software-as-a-service.

Powered by the first-class Swisscom service, FPS addresses financial institutions' anti-fraud requirements in a secure, scalable and accessible way.

Your benefits

  • Real-time detection of fraudulent activities: you are immediately alerted to risk situations.
  • You can address human risk and cyber fraud
  • You can take advantage of a vast network of knowledge to fight fraud
  • You have a flexible solution capable of adapting to your needs
  • You purchase a turn-key service delivered by Swiss partners