Banks face high operational risk exposure due to rapidly evolving fraud patterns, human behavior and policies. Yesterday’s solutions don’t cut it today — let alone tomorrow.
— Joël Winteregg, NetGuardians

Our solutions evolve intelligently.
Be ready for tomorrow.

Intelligence design

Our intelligence updates services automatically deliver new controls so you easily stay on top of new fraud patterns, best practices and policies. Select the controls that address your specific challenges or, for added convenience, choose from our intelligence bundles for common core banking platforms or regulations (such as FINMA 2008/21).

made for core banking

Both our FraudGuardian and RiskGuardian solutions come out of the box ready to easily integrate into the most common core banking platforms such as Temenos T24, Oracle FlexCube, Finnova and Avaloq. The rapid deployment gives you peace of mind right away with end-to-end coverage of all business lines and IT operations.

Unique Patented software

Our unique, patent-pending solutions guard your interests by correlating transactional data and human behavior across channels and bank application layers, allowing you to capture more red flags.
The smallest actions are analyzed in the wider context to reveal potential risk.
It's software that understands people.

NetGuardians has been designated as Cool vendor.

Analysis by: Khushbu Pratap


NetGuardians combines the data capture capability of a Security Incidents and Events Management (SIEM) solution into an operational risk assessment application, and layers it with the capability to associate user behaviors to core business transactions.

This feature helps detect employee collusion that is not seen in other products on a single platform in the related markets.  

The vendor plays in a niche area overlapping with several markets— operational risk assessment, transaction controls monitoring, and continuous audit. 

Their vertical-specific content delivered as out of the box controls gives audit and compliance professionals a head start in identifying operational risk and detecting fraud. 

The cool feature about data capture is that the product is configured to poll for changes and does not seek to copy the entire data set at regular intervals. While this a common feature for SIEM products it is not usually seen in transaction controls monitoring and continuous audit software.


NetGuardians has a unique proposition that can benefit large, mid-sized, and small enterprises across verticals but their current focus limits operations to mid-sized banking and financial institutions in the EMEA region. 


CIOs, CISOs, internal auditors, and compliance professionals in the banking, and financial services industries who want to use a light-weight software to combine transaction monitoring with behavior analysis for employees and third parties causing minimal impact on the performance of the applications.

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